t’s been a very strange few years for us all. The dreaded Covid has taken it’s toll on us all and now it’s time kick back and start taking control of our lives again.

At Norton Photography and Retouching David, Daniel and I have not been idle. We have handled whatever work has come our way and the studio has been quite busy right across the full spectrum of our capabilities.

We have been very busy with our Beverage Photography and we will feature some of that work in future blogs. Our Jewellery Photography has taken on a life of it’s own and more about that later on also. The Corporate Portrait side of the studio has also been busy as clients working from home need to populate their websites with headshots and lifestyle portraits to support the ever growing Zoom meeting trend.

Our Product Photography work is also on the move as our recently improved website at www.nortonphotography.ie steadily climbs the ratings in the search engines. And of course we are still making improvements in our skills in the 360 degree spinning world.

But my favourite brag story of the moment involves us stepping back into the world of high fashion, glamour, movies and celebs and all the glitz that I thought had gone into hiding and wouldn’t rear it’s head till CV19 and all it’s variants had taken their leave.

Irish Designer Paula Rowan

High Fashion Glove Photography

Just before Christmas I got a call from a new client who urgently need some of her products photographed for urgent press releases for the international fashion mags. But all very hush hush and embargoed till a certain date in the close future.. We never were ones to shy away from a challenge so the studio was set up and the product arrived. A box of exquisite handmade leather gloves arrived by courier and David and I set about finding the best techniques to bring out the textures and colours while still maintaining those clean pure white backgrounds the fashion magazine editors demand and so seldom achieve.

We shot matte, glossy, velvet, short and full arm soft leather gloves that were the envy of any of the ladies within our family circles. Dave did his usual magic in post production and the finished files were emailed to the clients and PR company in plenty of time for the print deadlines. And we were still in the dark as to what the project was all about.

Then the embargo date passed and wow were we blown away. The client was Dublin fashion designer and creator of what are now considered among the world’s top fashion leather gloves, the amazing Paula Rowan. Paula was selected above all the competition to provide the gloves as worn by Lady Gaga in the newly released Ridley Scott “House of Gucci” Movie. From her shop in the Westbury Mall Paula’s creations have found their way into the fashion wardrobes of an A list of clients as long as the amazing arm long gloves that I had just photographed.

We are feeling pretty chuffed to be supplying imagery of high fashion handmade gloves as worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kate Middleton, Kate Moss or Helen Mirren and to have graced the pages and covers of the world’s top fashion mags like Vogue or Grazia. Check out Paula’s website at www.paularowan.com and watch out for our images as they filter their way through to her ever growing catalogue.

Following on from our initial project for the House of Gucci launch Paula has asked us to photograph her entire range of gloves both traditional and Avant Garde, bags and belts and a whole collection of other high quality leather accessories.

I have attached some images from our first few sessions and if you feel that you’d like similar images for your products then why not make contact by email to ronnie@norton.ie or david@norton.ie or through the contact page on our website here at www.nortonphotography.ie.

We are always available to discuss your thoughts on all aspects of commercial imagery and as many of my Bluegrass Hillbilly friends would say “It don’t cost nuthin’ to ask.”


See Y’All here on a more regular basis. I promise!!!

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